Parts of the Aguadeño Hat

It is important that you know that hats have different parts that, together, form this beautiful accessory and complement your clothing:

1. Cup: this is where the head enters. You know that the size is appropriate when the cup falls to 1 centimeter above your ears.

2. Tafilete: it is the tape that you see in the internal part and that it supports the glass of your hat.

3. Wing: it is the one that protects us from the sun and gives the characteristic of hat to it. There are different types of wing, which you can choose according to your predilection, taste and use you want to give your hat:

to. Gardelian Hat: inherited its name by the style of hat that used the legend of the tango, Carlos Gardel. It is the shortest wing of aguadeños hats, with 6 centimeters, which gives a touch of formality. This hat is more an accessory than to protect it from the sun, given the short of its wing.

B. Flamingo Hat: If you want a hat with a slightly longer wing, to protect you from the sun without losing the sobriety of the Gardelian, you can choose a Flamingo hat, whose wing is 7 centimeters.

C. Monaco Hat: this wing is already 8 centimeters and with this you will not only have elegance with all the garments that combine it.

D. Super Alón hat: perfect for the beach or for other long days of sun. This 12 cm wide wing will be your perfect complement to your summer travels.

4. Ribbon: it is the complementary accessory that gives elegance and the finished finished to your hat.

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