Hat Process

Process1. Fiber culture:

The main raw material to make the aguadeño hat is the palm of iraca (Carludovica Palmato), which is subjected to a process of transformation.

2. Rip Off Iraa

The buds are cut and the tender leaves are removed from the palm. They are then ripened to remove the fibers with which the hat is woven.

The fibers dry in the shade and are subjected to a process of bleaching with sulfur, in clay ovens. Do you have a brown hat? It is because this n was subjected to this bleaching process.

3. Marketing of iraca

In a tradition that lasts for decades, every Friday and Saturday, in the main park of Aguadas, the city of mists, the pajeros market the raw material for the production of hats.

4. Hat Fabric

Hats are hand woven, one by one, by women from Aguadas, Caldas. Depending on the quality of the hat, the processing time can range from 1 to 20 days.

5. Hat milling

The process does not end when the hat has just been woven. Once tissue is found, a process called "arrangement" is started, which consists of cutting the excess straws, shaping, cutting the wing, gluing the ribbon, lotion and the size of the hat.

6. Pressing the hat

Hats are subjected to the pressing process with machines that operate through pressure and steam. This process allows the hat to take on the characteristic shape.

7. Seams

The edge, the ribbon and the taffile are sewn, which completes the process of making our aguadeños hats.

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